Free-spirited cuisine without any ties

According to Álvaro Salazar, who was awarded a Michelin star for the third consecutive year, VORO is “a journey, an attitude, a universe that transcends borders and horizons yet never stops looking towards the Mediterranean. VORO is naturalness, provocation and sophistication. Free-spirited cuisine without any ties. A savoury and irreproachable culinary experience that never forgets origins or geographies which, as well expressed by the etymology, invites guests to voraciously devour and consume their succulent menus (Voro and Devoro)”.

Freedom. At its own pace
Devour it all
Feel the breeze
An outdoor terrace next to Plaza de la Torre
A family
Committed and united
Without any ties
Free-spirited cuisine
Cuisine, oenology and intellect
A tribute to Mediterranean cuisine
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